Chemical plant BIOLAR - the only specialized company in the Baltic States

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Production of different Azo-initiators and pure chemical substances

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Production of ready use paint and varnish products for domestic and professional use

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The plant was created on the basis of the State Research and Production Association “Biolar”, which has been carrying out fundamental scientific research for more than 30 years and has been engaged in the production of thousands of different chemical reagents and highly pure substances.
60 years of experience
in the field of chemistry

Quality management systems
work successfully
in the company

Wide product delivery

BIOLAR – the largest
chemical industry center
in Latvia
What do we do?

About our company

The Olaine chemical plant BIOLAR specialises in the production of technologically complex chemical products and mixtures, intermediate products for the paint and varnish industry, as well as finished materials for coatings using technologies typical for these industries, using existing production facilities or creating new production equipment that meets the specifics of the technology.

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BIOLAR strategy is aimed at providing the Latvian and foreign markets with high-quality products, developed in accordance with the best traditions of the Latvian chemistry school, modern needs and demands of consumers.

Biolar responsibility

Company policy

The long - term policy of BIOLAR is based on the principles of quality policy, energy saving policy, environmental protection policy, as well as labour and social security policy.

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