Acetone cyanohydrin (ACH)

CAS No.: 75-86-5
EC No.: 200-909-4
EC / List name: 2-Hydroxy-2-methylpropanenitrile

Acetone cyanohydrins are organic compounds which contain both cyano and hydroxyl groups linked to the same carbon atom usually.

Acetone cyanohydrins are obtained from the reactions of aldehydes (or ketones) with hydrogen cyanide in base.

They are versatile intermediates for the synthesis of organic compounds including amino nitriles; alpha-hydroxy acids, esters and amides; alpha-, beta- unsaturated acids, esters, nitriles as well as beta-aminoalcohols.

Product name  Appearance Assay, %, no less than HCN , %, max Specification
Acetone cyanohydrin Clear, yellowish liquid with
characteristic odour
97.0 0,2 Technical grade

Cyanohydrin technical is used to manufacture insecticides, pharmaceuticals and flavouring agents. It is an important intermediate to prepare methacrylic acid and methacrylates, as well for production of Azo-initiators.

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